A TASTE of Our Secret Sauce

I want to share some of our secret sauce. Our company started in the film and entertainment industry. Story is everything in entertainment, and we believe that it is critical in digital communications and marketing - but it’s only half of the recipe.

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How We Build Content & Execute Your Strategy

Yellow Line’s talented content team brings a lot of firepower: you’ll have a dedicated graphics designer and creative director, as well as access to motion graphics designers, videographers, illustrators and copywriters. In order to keep them moving and give them the lead time they need to build fantastic content for your brand, we follow the simple process outlined here

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Matthew SalisburyComment
Process is King: How We Drive Success

We hold our work product to three key standards, saying it should be “objectively good, on brand, and always improving.” These values are clear and adjustable: they can be applied to a single Facebook graphic or to a six-month social media program.

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Matthew Salisbury