Process is King: How We Drive Success

We hold our work product to three key standards, saying it should be “objectively good, on brand, and always improving.” These values are clear and adjustable: they can be applied to a single Facebook graphic or to a six-month social media program.


The best way we’ve found to deliver the three standards is by building strong processes. A simple, robust work process removes both laziness and over-indulgence. Sometimes people just have bad days...

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The 3 Things Digital Natives Want From You

Most industries are struggling to “figure out” how to win the hearts and wallets of digital natives. The problem is not simply one of medium, though you do have to have a digital presence to be relevant. It is not about publishing the right CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) annual report, though you better have a compelling CSR story. It isn’t as simple as spending enough on advertising to imprint the consumer’s psyche, though you better be ready to spend what’s necessary to get invited into a newsfeed and pay again to keep your content flowing there.

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