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Execute and Accomplish a tactic!

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Get me ‘top of the funnel’ results like audience growth, reach, engagements, video views, and more!

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Get ‘bottom of the funnel’ results like time on page, signups, purchases, leads, donations, and more!


Case Studies

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To expose a long history of discrimination plaguing the American education system, The Pioneer Institute commissioned a full-length documentary. The 30-minute film showcased families across the US who were struggling to provide a quality education for their children because of outdated laws. Ready to share the completed film, they hired YLD for a 9-month campaign to engage their social media following, build new audiences, and market the film.  

Ultimately, they wanted 500K video views, we earned them over 1 Million.




Based on research, Becket wanted to launch an effort that improved how young Americans think about religious belief. They hired Yellow Line to create and run the Restore God’s Brand Campaign.

We out-performed on every metric of the campaign. The client’s goal was to reach 500,000 people. We more than doubled that goal by reaching 1.03 million. Of equal importance, we garnered incredible engagement with the posts and video, generating thought and conversation on the topic.

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The Diamond Empowerment Fund (DEF) asked us to reach a minimum of 20,000 new readers, which would effectively double the readership of each article that we published. In total, we reached a record-shattering 49,600 new readers.


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