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Dropping the Cost Per Lead by 75%

We took TWU’s cost per inquiry to from +$400 to less than $60 in a matter of weeks

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Bringing Digital Genius to Offline Brilliance

Leo Schachter, a leading giant in the diamond industry, recently patented a new technology in diamond cutting. Using nanotechnology to etch micro-prisms onto an artisan cut diamond, they unlocked a whole new spectrum of color in a diamond’s sparkle.

When they were ready to take this new diamond to the market, they asked us to help create a brand story that would appeal to the modern consumer.



Following the Data to the Optimum Channel

To understand the qualitative interest in this new diamond technology, we worked with Leo Schachter to create four brand stories that consisted of both copy and creative elements. These were presented in a random order to unique focus groups in order to ascertain the brand elements that resonated with different members of the ideal audience.

Taking these preferred elements, we created two new brand stories and surveyed a much larger audience to gather quantitative data. The final result was First Light, a diamond as unique as your love.



Focusing on Success

Appealing to the millennial audience, First Light connected the spectrum of colors found in the diamond’s unique sparkle to the many shared experiences between two people in love. The First Light Diamond was immediately picked up by Signet for placement in fifty Jared’s stores across the United States.

To support this initial launch, we increased their social media presence and ran a giveaway to generate buzz. The brand story resonated with consumers, and Signet quickly scaled into a full launch, introducing the First Light brand into every Jared store location in the United States.