5 Things to Look for When Hiring an Agency

Looking for an agency but feeling hesitant about making a choice? Perhaps you've had a bad experience with an agency in the past or maybe you've never worked with one before. Take the anxiety out of making the right choice and find an agency that has these key qualities: 

1. Reputation for honesty

Is the agency known for being honest about results? Do its clients feel like the agency is genuinely interested in furthering their strategic goals? Hiring an agency that has a reputation for honesty will give you confidence in the results presented and will give you a team that truly cares about your goals.

2. Experience in delivering real-world ROI

Who is your audience and what real world action do you want them to take? Promoting a post will earn engagement, but unless that results in an action from your audience, it isn’t useful. It’s important to hire an agency that knows how to create content that will move your audience down the sales funnel, up to the voting booth, and through a lead form to sign up for an offer (or whatever real-world action you may want them to take).

3. Strong project management

Project managers are the backbone that keeps creative and strategic teams moving at the right pace. It doesn’t do any good for an organization to hire an amazing team of strategists who never deliver on time. Finding an agency that is strong in both strategy and project management is essential.

4. Versatile visuals

Is your agency a one-trick pony when it comes to visual content? Social media audiences are looking for diversity in their visual experience with brands and organizations. Hiring an agency that knows how to produce stand-out graphics, video, infographics and GIFs will keep your audience engaged and interested.

5. Responsive and clear communication

Is your communication with your agency prompt and clear? With any project, communication between all parties is key to moving things forward at a good pace and executing projects based on clear expectations. Hire an agency that, from the start, communicates clearly and responds in a timely manner.

Ryan ElderComment