IGTV: A New Era of Mobile Television

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The world of mass media is constantly evolving and social media platforms are hopping on the bandwagon.

On June 20th, Instagram announced the launch of its newest creation, IGTV.  The application allows users the ability to create content up to one hour in length. This changes the game as it allows influencers, marketers and organizations endless opportunities to deepen their relationship with clients and showcase their stories by creating a personal connection with viewers.

Instagram announced its newest upgrade in San Francisco at an event which took the digital, social and marketing world by storm.  The social media platform has flourished and opened doors for upcoming businesses trying to reach a larger audience. Now, Instagram is creating a way for brands to retain that audience even longer.

This new tool is an application that can be easily downloaded through the App Store. Similar to its competitor YouTube, IGTV allows followers to view videos from their favorite creators and companies through Instagram. This allows the platform’s entire community of one billion users to feel connected.

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What are the functions of IGTV?

The purpose of IGTV is to enhance the concept of television through mobile devices, which includes on-the-go personalized content from your followers. The application follows a model similar to T.V. and automatically begins playing when the app is opened.

Unlike its usual one-minute stories, content created on IGTV will be permanent. Videos are full screen and vertically aligned for simple watching. The app has four categories, each serving a different purpose. Users have the capability to view sections starting from “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching”.

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Instagram made it easy for existing and new users who are accustomed to the “swipe up” motion which links blogs, articles, business pages or videos to inform their audience about outside sources.  This motion is also seen on popular apps such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Anyone can be a creator and connect with many other users. IGTV will be available worldwide for Android users in the next few weeks.

Check out this video from the event to learn first-hand about how IGTV can be operated, by Instagram co-founder and


How businesses can benefit from IGTV

“Teens are now watching 40% less TV than they did five years ago,” says Systrom during the launch party of IGTV.  This statistic disrupts the status quo for businesses and marketers around the world when it comes to advertising, promotion and digital marketing.

The video content created will increase engagement rates, not popularity. A launch of a new social platform could benefit companies by allowing them to create their own unique channels. Taking advantage of the video time length, businesses can produce content in a more robust storytelling format.

In order to illustrate a brands potential and communicate a strategic plan, a brand narrative is the most effective tool for any organization. The narrative will allow new and existing clients to be aware of your unique values, ideas and upcoming products.

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For example, food chains such as Chipotle jumped on the bandwagon as soon as the news dropped. The brands video displays an array of items from the menu, which represents the endless amount of food opportunities customers can obtain.

Another advantage will be the opportunity to give viewers an inside scoop, followed by links that will generate more web-clicks to a company’s product/site.  

Through advertising, the app will also be a window for influencer marketing.  This new trend of integration will change the dynamics for those who don’t want to commit to a YouTube Channel, but still want to generate unique video content without the pressure of growing a following.  These users are known as “Insta Famous,” and when companies and influencers join forces the outcome can be beneficial for both parties. It’s a smart move if you want to bring in a certain audience to promote an organization, product or information.

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Technology is truly advancing at an all time high with new tools constantly rising to the surface. Instagram has shed light on another way to bring one billion users closer together.

This is just the beginning and we are delighted to see the future of IGTV flourish.  From creators, businesses, viewers and organizations, IGTV has a place for everyone to embrace their creativity.

Written by: Quortney Moulton

Account Associate | Yellow Line Digital 

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